Big Bass Bonanza Free Online Casino Game

Big Bass Bonanza is an online casino game that you can play for free on many casino platforms simply by downloading the demo. This game was originally released in 2020 by Pragmatic Play and is still available through many gaming sites today.

If you are interested in playing Big Bass Bonanza but still want a little more information relating to what it is all about, we suggest you read this article all the way through.

Big Bass Bonanza Free

What is the Big Bass Bonanza Casino Game?

The Big Bass Bonanza casino game is an online slot with five reels and three rows, with 10 fixed pay lines.

You can place a minimum bet of .10 credits per spin and up to 250 credits if you dare. Because the volatility of this game is high, it is more beneficial to wager more on each spin anyways.

In this online game, you are fishing for a win. Yes, literally. The setting of this game is underwater, where the symbols are all representing a fisherman theme. The reals are see-through, letting you enjoy the marine setting while you play.

Game DeveloperPragmatic Play
Type of Casino GameOnline Slot
# Of reels5
# Of Pay lines10
Release Date01/09/2020
ThemeFishing, Animals, Aquatic
Max Win2100
Progressive SlotsNo
Big Bass Bonanza comparative table

Symbols and Payables in Big Bass Bonanza Online Casino

Like in every casino slot, each symbol represents a different amount of potential earnings.

The more symbols you match, the more money you win. The obvious goal is to get as many basses or scatters as possible to win the largest prize amount.

Big Bass Scatter10 free spins15 free spins20 free spins
Dragon FlyX2X10X50
  • Wild- Fisherman holding his catch
  • Scatter- A giant bass
  • Random fish with a cash value attached.

 The fisherman holding the reel is a symbol you definitely want to land on the most when the fish with cash values attached to them show up. These men will cast their line and collect any cash value on the screen.

Play Big Bass Bonanza Online Casino Game for Free

Do you want to change the way you play the slots? Are you sick of dealing with large crowds at the casinos or spending a ton of money on drinks and food while you are there? Then it is time to play an entertaining bass-themed slot game from home.

Save even more money by playing Big Bass Bonanza for free by downloading the demo at many of your favorite online casino sites. Although you can play this money without ever entering in any of your personal information, you won’t be able to cash in on any of the winnings unless you place an actual monetary bet.

You can win free spins while playing this non-progressive slot. You do this by landing on the scatter symbols.

These symbols can take some time to appear, but when they do, multipliers pop up and can rapidly increase your earnings.

  • Four wilds- 10 free spins and a double multiplier
  • Eight wilds- 10 free spins and 3x multiplier
  • Twelve wilds- 10 free spins and 7x multiplier

The more wilds you get, the more multipliers are triggered. While this is an amazing feature, it can cost you a significant amount of bank as you continue to increase your spins.

Big Bass Bonanza Online Slots RTP and Volatility

Big Bass Bonanza online slot game has a pretty high volatility rating. This means that you will lose a lot more often than you will win (A LOT). While that may be frustrating at the moment, the RTP makes it more than worth it.

The RTP of the Big Bass Bonanza casino game sits at an impressive 96.71% rate. This percentage is surprising, especially for your basic casino slot. This gives the player the likelihood of earning back almost 97% of their winnings.

Bonuses and Promotions for Big Bass Bonanza Free Online Casino Slot

There are numerous promotions offered for customers who play Big Bass Bonanza online casino slots, even when playing for free.

These promotions are often used to bring new players to the site and get them to try the game, hoping they get hooked.  Some of the promotions allow players to accumulate free spins, while others match the amount of your very first deposit.

The bonuses and promotions offered when playing Big Bass Bonanza online casino will vary depending on the reputable casino website you choose.

Is There a Jackpot?

Big Bass Bonanza Free

Big Bass Bonanza offers a decent jackpot worth 2100 times your wager.  Well, technically, it isn’t a jackpot per se, as this title doesn’t offer one. However, your maximum win amount is worth 2100 times your wager, and if that isn’t considered a jackpot, we don’t know what is.

Where Can You Play Big Bass Bonanza?

To play the Big Bass Bonanza game for free, you can go to any site that offers a demo version. To play the real game to win cash prizes, you can head to any site that offers the game.

This game is available to play on any mobile device downloading through Google Play or iTunes. You can also play this game on your tablet or home computer.

Big Bass Bonanza Graphics and Sound Quality

The animation, graphics, sound, and theme of an online game can be a make-or-break kind of situation.

It can be boring playing slots on a screen that is basic and bland. Luckily, the professionals at Pragmatic Games we well equipped when coming up with an interesting and attention-grabbing theme and design.

The animation and graphics in this game are high-quality and well-designed. This fisherman-themed game definitely gives the player a feeling of being on the water. The sound quality is on-par and clear.

The game appears to be lag-free, and the concept is a nice change from the basic fruit, stars, and bells you usually see when playing slots.

Is Free Big Bass Bonanza Online Casino Slot Worth Your Time?

Before writing our reviews, we always take the time to do our research and look around to see what other players are saying.

It didn’t really surprise us at all to see many people not only enjoy this game but also recommend it to other casino goers. This game is often rated between a 7-8 out of 10, with some of the more frequent players saying,

  • “Big Bass Bonanza offers great gameplay.”
  • “It is a fantastic experience for players of all levels.”
  • “This game has amazing graphics and a great theme.”

While this online casino isn’t anything extraordinary, it is definitely a great game to play when you are looking for some downtime or a way to earn a few extra bucks. It will keep you entertained for hours if you let it.

Final Thoughts

Big Bass Bonanza online casino, whether free or not, is a great way to get your slot “fix” from home or on the go. You don’t have to be a professional gambler to get the hang of this game, and the design, animation, and sound are above average in our book.